Isnin, November 29

Suddenly, I feel that I miss you :'(

Where are you dear?
What are you doing now?
How are you?

Babe, I do MISS you a lot <3 I wanna you to know that I've never forget you even a SECOND. I LOVE you and I'm still love you. For your information, I'm waiting for you from the first day you left me until now. I think my heart is just for you. I wanna meet you, wanna see you in front of me, wanna you to hold my hand tightly, wanna you to KISS me and wanna you back to me like before.

But I know, you'll never return to me. you already have your special. Before, it is hard for me to forget you until I meet someone who is such like you. Now, I've accepted the way you do to me. I'm realize that you're not mine and I'm not yours anymore. I know it's not me that you want and you LOVE.

I'm sorry for hurting you all this while. I do really hope that you'll find the one that you can love and be your VVIP in your life one day. As you know, I'll always remember you until my last breath <3

p/s :, I miss you too <3 like crazy . where are you haa? damn :'(